How do I improve my Social Media presence?

I should be working on this myself to build up again. Perhaps I need to also target some new content area to concentrate on..


Here we go. I am going to follow the steps provided in the post by Robert Scroble on Quora. There is quite a conversation going on there, so I am am going to highlight a few of the steps that I am going to take to get more exposure to the blog here @EzyInsights. I’ll update over the next few weeks if there are visible improvements, but I need your help with this too.


If you don’t have interesting content or a reason for people to interact with you will find it hard to engage peoples attention. I’m trying to write content that might be useful for you at some stage. Perhaps not now, but one day you may think: “Oh yes, I remember EzyInsights talk about Social Media (and other stuff) – maybe they’ll have insights into the subject matter” – or at least know someone…

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