Another Rocking Day Out at Himos

Following on from the success of Linkin Park last year, Himos hosted Nightwish and supports in what turned out to be an even greater show on Earth.

This post covers the whole day, the venue, the bands, the food, transportation and the vibes surrounding the event.


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There has to be 1 Music Festival worth going to this year?

By this time last year I had seen a couple of gigs and was anticipating great things for the coming months. There were plenty of festivals to look forward to and I had already gotten my tickets to see a couple of them.

2016 seems to be a bit different. There are lots of festivals, but none of them so far have more than 1 or 2 bands that I would actually like to see.


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MixRadio is Dead

So you have probably heard about this already, but I thought I would chime in with a couple of cents worth of comments.

I’ve been using the service for many years, on and off, and there were many great features and it’s quite a loss to the music community IMHO…

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Ghost Takes Home The Grammy

So my “find” of last year has been recognized. I’m guessing that their gigs in Finland this year will be even more busy given their publicity.

I wonder if they are happy with it all?

Metal News: Ghost Takes Home The ‘Best Metal Performance’ Grammy

Source: Ghost Takes Home The Grammy – in Metal News ( Metal )

Sunset Sons – One to watch in 2016

2016 musically kicked off for me with the Imagine Dragons at the Hartwall Arena. Warming up for them was a new band that are definitely worth a listen.

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