Hard Core Superstars – wow! #TALVIFESTIVAALI

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2016 has been a weird year for Music

I wrote back in July bemoaning the music scene in Finland in 2016. I found few gigs of any worth to go to and although there have been some great individual gigs, there really hasn’t been too much to write about – thus the relative inactivity of the blog this year. Are things about to take a turn for the better in 2017?


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The Greatest Show on Earth – II

I thought it would be hard for Nightwish to top their Ratina gig last year supporting their “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” album but again this was a overwhelming experience. I cannot give these guys enough credit for what was a fantastic performance and show.


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The Gathering

After skipping Delain’s first visit to Finland I finally got to see one of my “Bucket list” bands and I’ve got to say – they were magnificent.

For various reasons I missed Delain’s debut at Tuska earlier this year but I really wanted to see them live and this was second only to Nightwish in terms of living up to expectations.

Band shots

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Arch Enemy & Others at Himos Park

Arch Enemy were the main support to Nightwish but for me Delain stole their thunder (quite easily). The other bands tried hard but held little interest to me since I was there for Delain and the main event.

As you will have noticed from my previous post I was not too enamored with the other bands that played at Himos other than the headliners and Delain but the crowd seemed to enjoy them.

Seemed appropriate on the evening before the big event that we crack this bad boy open.  #Kippis #nightwish #imaginaerum  #riberadelduero #2010

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